Terms and Conditions

All of the watches we worked on will be guaranteed for 12 months starting from the date written on its service card, and accompanied with a series of pictures showing what has been done during the process.

If any issue arise in this time frame, we’ll sort it out at our expense and as fast as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: wearing of parts will NOT be covered.

From our experience if the watch is a replica, there are (minor) cases when even after a service those movements just can’t perform as supposed to. This is due to bad machining, unrespected tolerances and so on, and sometimes can’t be fixed. We’ll do our best to offer an alternative solution, which must be mutually agreed and paid for.

Same applies with gold plating: premature fading if caused by our error or bad treatment will be covered, but scratches & dings will not. You’re just requested to pay for shipping back and forth.

Any water damage and/or leak will NOT be covered in any case. So please, even after you’ve seen the results of your waterproof test, be careful and make sure you always screw down your crown and (if any) chronograph pushers. It’s better be safe than sorry.

Please note that given the amount of packages we receive weekly, we don’t keep any sort of packaging used. So just wrap your watch(es) in regular bubble wrap. No plastic travel boxes, containers or anything special. If you use them, we won’t guarantee they’ll come back. We will ship your watch(es) only.

Every customer is required to include a note inside the package, with:

1- Name/Username;

2- Phone number;

3- Service requested;

4- Order number received on e-mail once the request is submitted.

We guarantee bombproof packing. However, once the package leaves our hands we’re no longer responsible. This means any shipping delay, damage (if you decided not to insure the package) or loss can NOT be considered our fault by any means.